Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Mumbai Lesson

I must admit my complete and utter obsession with the Mumbai tragedy. I could not keep my eyes off it, hoping and praying along the way. As many of you know, I work for the government in an undisclosed field and therefore have some insight into the rescue operations.

I depended so much upon my emuna during the last few hours, although I knew it was over once the “commandos” attempted their Hollywood rescue. When you attempt a dynamic entry, the building needs to be cleared in minutes, not hours. It is also my humble opinion that a soft entry should have been made. However, I was not there so I should not comment.

I do not blame the Indian Government for their lack of training in this situation, they work with what they have. In fact, one of the Indian Commandos died during the attempted rescue. The blame can be placed in one place and one place only…Me. No, not me personally, I mean Me as a collective Me. Did I say enough tehillim? Did I daven hard enough? Could I have done more? The answer is a resounding yes.

What is the lesson? Here is my backwards theory. There is a simple common denominator. All of the people killed in the Chabad House were Jews. No kidding, right? Think about this, the breakdown of those killed were Chabadniks, Satmer and Tzioni. This is essentially a cross-section of Orthodox Jewry, they were all represented in this one building in Mumbai. Find me one another place where you will find that diverse a group of Jews in one place? I can’t name one in NYC, let alone the world.

Why a Chabad House? My theory is that the result of this massacre is an intense focusing on the Chabad way. Out attention was focused on the group that is known for working extra hard to bring Moshiach. So, one message here is Moshiach.

Next we come back to the cross section of Jewry taken from us. They were from every aspect of yiddishkiet. The fact that they were in one place at the same time for something positive screams achdus. So, that’s our next outcome – Achdus.

Though terrorist groups and the media are always quick to make the differentiation between Zionists (bad) and Jews (different kind of bad), we see here that the terrorists were strictly after Jews without any political motivation. Chabad has no political association with Zionism (that I am aware of). Furthermore, if the terrorists did their homework (and they usually do) they would know that the Satmers are vehemently anti-zionist and would have freed the Satmers as a political point. The takeaway? It doesn’t matter what kind of Jew you are, we are all Jews. Achdus

So let’s add it all up. Achdus and Moshiach go hand in hand.

My only other question, why was Moshe saved by his nanny? It is truly a ness and has a message behind it. But what is it? My only thought is that the name Moshe is significant. Moshe was the first redeemer of Israel. He too was left without parents and saved by foreigners. No, I’m not saying he is Moshiach, what I am saying is that it is no coincidence and there is a link.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama and the Unhappy Jews

Ok, so Obama won. Congrats. A lot of questions about his past as well as future policies remain. As I have mentioned, I do not subscribe to his socialist views, but at this point it doesn’t matter. What solace I have come to is the fact that chazal say that kings have no bechirah, so in the end it’s all Hashem’s will anyway.

On a different note, I have been monitoring the VIN site for responses to the Obama win. As of today, Obama has selected two Jews to high posts in his administration (Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor). Is this good or bad for the Jews? The question has led the VIN “pundits” to voice opinions in both directions? My opinion? We will never be unanimous.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Who am I working for?

We have....count them.....5 jobs between my wife and myself. Why? because I would like to provide Mrs. Logic and Little Logic a nice home and food on the table. Not so easy these days. I work both day and night. Sometimes I go from my 9-5 to my 10-6 and then right back to my 9-5 without going home. I don't mind doing this. Why you ask? Because I will do whatever needs to be done in order to provide. Now, I know this is not a new revelation but in this presidential election hard work does not seem to be the mainstay of America anymore. Billionaires are being bailed out by me... Mr. and Mrs. Joe Taxpayer.

In this mornings paper I read that the banks being bailed out have put aside close to 30 BILLION dollars for bonuses. Can you believe that audacity???? Those douche nozzles decimate our economy, drop my home value, kill my stock portfolio and essentially rape and pillage the financial markets, and they are ready to give bonuses. I am sickened. If I watch too much YouTube at work, I'll get canned. These guys caused the Second Great Depression and get bonuses. Something is messed up big time.

So I degrees. Where am I leading with this post? Both candidates want to take my money and waste it. Obama wants to give it to people who "don't have as much as me" and McCain wants to give it to Billionaire Douche Nozzles in the form of tax cuts.

My sister in law is a die hard Obama fan (though she couldn't tell em 3 accomplishments he's done). I had a little exchange with her on my facebook page in which I criticized Obama's socialist tendencies. To which she replied, "Oh, you make more than $250,000??? Congratulations! (or something like that). I will just leave you all with my response.

"I don't now, but I plan to. And you know what? When I do, it means I worked my ass off for it and deserve every penny. I work day and night (and if anyone knows how literally I mean that, its you) to support my family in a decent way. I refuse to vote for some socialist who believes other people are entitled to it."

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rabbi Horowitz - Oh how I love thee....

Recently, VIN news published an article by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz about child molestation (Found here). All I can say is…”Can I get an Amen?!”. This man speaks the truth. I am especially fond of the statement of throwing out these self made “askonim”. How do I become an askan? Is there an application process? An interview? I can really bring some really important non-relevant issues to the table that needs immediate banning. Here’s the start of my list, feel free to add:
Slurpees – lead to pritzus at the slurpee machine
Cellular phones - #1 accessory to the aveira of loshon hora
Beds – self explanatory

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A little about Logic

Please allow me to introduce myself. For purposes of my newly formed blog, my name is Logic. I chose the name Logic, because I have noted a stunning lack of it in the world around me and chose to now speak out in favor of it.

I am a frum married male (to the most wonderful girl in the world, even more wonderful then whoever you are thinking of) and have a wonderful baby. I have a job, a mortgage and a white picket fence (it's not really white, ok some parts are, not is it picketed) and live in the 5-boro’s. I cannot tell you much more about me, mostly because I choose to remain anonymous. However, I am highly familiar with government affairs, emergency response and an innate sense for detecting bull excrement wherever it may have splattered.

I chose to start this blog when I realized this would be a constructive outlet in which to vent my utter disdain for the putrid corruption and stupidity that exists around me. I am highly cynical, critical and sometime self-righteous. But that’s ok, because you are free to not read my blog. You are also free to comment on my posts. Here is the kicker....unlike other blogs, which will remain unnamed (VIN and YWN) I WILL NOT CENSOR your posts (with the exception of foul language and anything that could get me subpoenaed).

I used to attempt to comment on certain blogs (see above) and found that the only posts that got through were the ones they wanted to get through, that made me really upset. So, with that being said, welcome to my world. Enjoy the ride.